I have a question about ordering tickets online.
You can call us between 09:00 AM and 17:30 PM at 073-6124505 or send an e-mail to
Can I only order my tickets for Theaterfestival Boulevard online?                                                       
No, you can also order your tickets by phone at 0900-3372723 (at local rate). If you're calling from Belgium you can call to +31 (0)736809801. Another way to order tickets is at the register in Theater aan de Parade. For shows in de Verkadefabriek it's possible to order tickets there during the festival.
How can I pay my online ticketorder?                    
You can pay using iDeal, Mastercard or Visa. You can choose these payment methods in the payment screen at the end of your order. By filling in your username and password, your information appears automatically. If you don't have a username, you'll have to sign up. Follow the steps on the screen.
Will I receive the tickets I ordered at home?           
No, you'll receive e-tickets in an e-mail.
Why do I have to type my username and password in the payment screen?                                            
When you fill in your username and password, your information appears automatically so you don't have to type it in yourself. Besides, if a show is cancelled, this is an easy way to let our customers know.

I forgot my username and password.
In most cases your username is your e-mailadress. When you fill this is at username and click 'I forgot my password', you get an e-mail with your password in it. 

My password doesn't work.                                     
Check if CAPS LOCK on your keyboard is on. If it's not and you're really having trouble logging in with your password, contact Bosch Tickets using phone number: 0900-3372723.
I bought tickets to a show, but I can't make it after all.                                                                            
Unfortunately, we do not refund your tickets.
I forgot to check 'children's discount' or I want to change my order. What to do?                                
If you're still in the ordering menu, you can cancel the tickets and add the tickets to your cart again for the right price. If you've already completed the order, you can't change it anymore. Did you buy tickets at the register? They're already processed in our cash register, but you can contact us at 073-6124505. 
I ordered tickets but I want to change my order?    
Changes are no longer possible when an order is made and the payment has been done. Always check your order before you pay.
How can I use my Boulevardvouchers or -relationshipcard in an internetorder?                                  
Vouchers and relationshipcards are only valid at the Boulevard cash register in Theater aan de Parade or at the Boulevard cash register in the Verkadefabriek.
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