About Boulevard


Needless to say Boulevard commits itself to sustainability and awareness. In this light we make efforts in terms of mobility and waste management, for example.

In our bars and restaurants we use deposit hard cup plastic glasses. Ingredients for the restaurants are sourced locally as much as possible. We cook to order (that’s why it is possible that an item on the menu is no longer available) and remaining products from one day are used in our backstage catering the following day. We offer tap water instead of bottled water. Our catering partner Hutten prepares food with products from de Verspillingsfabriek (Surplus Food Factory). We have a wide variety of vegetarian dishes on our menus.

Naturally we separate waste on our festival grounds.


Our printed material is SFC certified and print runs are monitored and adjusted regularly.

Waste is separated.

Diesel generators have been banned almost everywhere. Only on specific locations we still make use of this type of equipment.

We encourage our visitors to come to our festival by public transport or bicycle. We are well aware of the environmental damage of working internationally. We opt for the train on trips of up to 12 hours, but for a select number of performers air travel is necessary in order for them to get to the Netherlands. By collaborating with our European partners we avoid unnecessary air travel and we see to it that international performers never take a plane for merely one performance.

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