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Working at Boulevard
The permanent team of Theaterfestival Boulevard works year-round on the organization of the festival and the other activities of the Bosse Nova Foundation (Kunstbende). The planning of the new edition of Boulevard starts immediately after the closing evening of the festival. Dozens of freelancers and volunteers join in the spring.

Diversity & Inclusion
We want everyone to feel welcome at Theaterfestival Boulevard, both in front of and behind the scenes. The different talents, opinions, and perspectives of our employees contribute significantly to this. That is why we strive for great diversity in our organization regarding cultural background, age, gender, orientation, and physical characteristics. This not only makes our organization stronger but also a nicer place to work. We, therefore, support the Diversity & Inclusion Code of the Dutch cultural and creative sector.

Policies and manners of conduct
Theaterfestival Boulevard stands for a corporate culture in which everyone can work pleasantly and safely and in which abuses and irregularities are prevented. In addition, we offer a reporting procedure in case that does not appear to be the case.

A memorandum has been drawn up in consultation with Van Oss and partners to increase integrity awareness where necessary, provide insight into options and procedures to guarantee safety within our organization, and encourage employees to hold each other accountable for non-integrity undesirable behavior. This note is available to employees and volunteers of the festival. Integrity issues and unwanted behavior can be reported to the managing director or discussed informally and confidentially with our confidential adviser, Ms. Ans Buys.

If there is a suspicion of abuse, volunteers report to volunteer coordinator Hanna van Dis. If there is a suspicion that the volunteer coordinator is involved in the abuse, this can be reported to the director-administrator or the confidential adviser. In this way, we want to offer a pleasant and safe working environment for our employees, artists, and volunteers.

Peggy Olislaegers,
Managing Director of Bosse Nova Foundation and Theaterfestival Boulevard Foundation a.i.
's-Hertogenbosch, November 2021

Open vacancies
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