Programma Afzender 2020
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The 36th edition of our festival takes place in 2021.
But we'll stay near. This year with a different Boulevard.
'Afzender Boulevard'.


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'Afzender Boulevard'

25 June 2020 A small-scale summer program with theater and more, by the organisers of Boulevard

Seminar 'Indonesia and the Netherlands'

19 February 2020 Sharing thoughts with the royal couple

Program Afzender Boulevard

In order of disappearance Bart van de Woestijne | NL 5 t/m 16 August 2020
Spectrum Schweigman& | NL 6 t/m 16 August 2020
U bevindt zich hier Studio Dries Verhoeven | NL 6 t/m 16 August 2020

5 till 15 August 2021

Theaterfestival Boulevard 's-Hertogenbosch

Unfortunately the 36th edition of Theaterfestival Boulevard has been postponed. But don't worry, we'll be back in 2021!


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