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Theatre productions, dance performances, music theatre, street theatre, music shows, and other art forms, some of which are not so easily pigeonholed. Our audience is large and curious: Boulevard is fun for the layman and the experienced enthusiast, for the youth and the elderly, for the art professional and for the entire family. Feel welcome!

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Teddy: "Find me a gem"

Meet Teddy, our not-quite-yet thirtysomething lover of all things cultural.

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Tessa : "A family outing"

Tessa helps create the programme at Boulevard, so throughout the year she sees the best in theatre for young audiences.

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Vincent : "Surprise me!"

This is Vincent. He’s a theatre professional, but first and foremost, he’s crazy about the arts.

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Jean : "The traveller"

This is Jean. His favourite thing to do is to travel, across the globe or roaming his own city.

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The setting of our festival

's-Hertogenbosch (population 150,000) is the capital of the province of Noord-Brabant, in the South of the Netherlands. The formerly fortified town is the ‘Cultural Capital of the South’. The city centre with its many cultural and historical highlights brings together the old and the new. The city boasts many annual festivals and events, appealing museums and music/theatre venues plus contemporary art and design. The ancient underground river, the Binnendieze, and a host of other fascinating sites and monuments make this city a favourite destination..