About Boulevard

You Are Here

1st till 11th of August 2019

In the beginning, there was a deafening blow. Or a creation that took less than a week – you choose. Then we set off down that road. We walked, we danced. Tripped, and got back on our feet again. For 200,000 years. Along the way we discovered silkworms, America, the moon, Penicillin, computers and ourselves. But the main insight: there’s no way back. We’re starting to feel the pinch of this irreversibility. Doubts are growing. Does the road ever end? Is this walk open to all? Are we free to roam? Is it an orderly march, or chaos? Questions like sore calluses; big, pressing. High time we stopped by the side of the road for consultations, many are saying. A colourful conversation: about Zwarte Piet, the yellow vests movement, white supremacy, green energy. Some are afraid and angry. They want to turn around – go back. Others wish they didn’t feel their corns, and flee from reality. Another sets himself up as a leader. Orientation is the theme of Boulevard 2019. Because you can’t decide where to go until you know where you stand.

You Are Here.

Further down the road, two road signs are lying in the grass. They haven’t been anchored yet. One points to a dead end. The other says we are approaching a tricky crossroads. Apparently, we have a choice. The artists at Boulevard 2019 share their reference points. They contemplate, make suggestions, offer comfort. Some even go one step beyond and offer hope. Because a dead end is a bit too nihilistic.

You Are Here.

But you are not alone.
Time to be with people, here. For eleven days and nights.
And then we’re back on the road again.

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