The Theaterfestival Boulevard team works year-round on the organisation of the festival and other activities of Bosse Nova Foundation, such as Kunstbende Noord-Brabant. We believe that art plays an indispensable role in society, and based on that conviction, we work together with partners from various social domains. We highlight spearheads such as talent development and internationalisation from different perspectives, including in European collaborative projects. We work with other organisations, festivals, and (amateur) initiatives from Pand 18, a former school in the city centre. Broedplaats 's-Hertogenbosch is also active here, in which we collaborate with colleagues from Festival Cement and Theater Artemis in the context of Plan Talent Development Brabant. Our small group of permanent employees is expanded every year with returning temporary employees, interns, and indispensable volunteers.

Policies and manners of conduct

Theaterfestival Boulevard stands for a corporate culture in which everyone can work pleasantly and safely and in which abuses and irregularities are prevented. In addition, we offer a reporting procedure in case that does not appear to be the case.

A memorandum has been drawn up in consultation with Van Oss and partners to increase integrity awareness where necessary, provide insight into options and procedures to guarantee safety within our organisation, and encourage employees to hold each other accountable for non-integrity undesirable behaviour. This note is available to employees and volunteers of the festival. Integrity issues and unwanted behaviour can be reported to the managing director or discussed informally and confidentially with our confidential adviser, Ms Ans Buys.

If there is a suspicion of abuse, volunteers report to volunteer coordinator Hanna van Dis. If there is a suspicion that the volunteer coordinator is involved in the abuse, this can be reported to the director-administrator or the confidential adviser. In this way, we want to offer a pleasant and safe working environment for our employees, artists, and volunteers.

Viktorien Van Hulst,
Managing Director of Bosse Nova Foundation and Theaterfestival Boulevard Foundation
's-Hertogenbosch, November 2020

Team Boulevard

At Theaterfestival Boulevard, a small team works year-round on the preparations for the festival. In the spring and summer, we are at full strength - then the volunteers, freelancers, and trainees are also present. We are happy to introduce them to you, everyone included. Because together we are strong.

Peggy Olislaegers

General director a.i.

Tessa Smeulers

Programme coordinator

Nina Aalders

Programmer and dramaturge

Meis Suker

Program maker

Wendy Moonen

Programmer Pleinpodium

Babette Kalker

Program officer BLVR&D

Vincent Wijlhuizen

Context programmer

Margo van der Werf

Program producer

Job Rietvelt

International affairs & development

Marcel Bontekoe


Marianne Becks

Administrator and coordinator ticket sales

Linda van Loon

Coordinator Business to Business/Friends & Officemanager

Joep Grooteman

Head of marketing and communications

Coralie den Adel

Target group marketer

Juliette de Man


Gido Broers

Marketer, coordinator Tickets & Info and hospitality artists & staff

Karin Jonkers

Graphic designer and photographer

Mariëlle van der Wardt

Technical advisor

Jean Philipse


Eric Alink

Editor programme brochure and daily newspaper editor in chief

Teddy Tops


Dave Menkehorst


Pepijn Muller

Hospitality coordinator / coordinator sustainability

Stephan Grillis

Head of production and technique

Willem de Leeuw

Production manager venues and sites

Kim van der Weerden

Production manager Festival Heart - Zuiderpark

Douwe van Doornewaard

Location manager

Marianne van Andel

Location manager

Stijn van Kessel

Designer festival squares

Kelly Geurts

Designer BLVR&D

Seydâ Buurman - Kutsal

Consultant diversity & inclusion

Hanna van Dis

Volunteer coordinator

Merel Meulmeester

Volunteers coordinator

Yente van Hulst

Artist reception

Tommy Zonneveld


Hans Struik

Storage custodian

Frans Miggelbrink

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