About Boulevard


Offering opportunities to stir the soul

Theaterfestival Boulevard is a summer festival held in and around 's-Hertogenbosch. The programme includes theatre shows, dance, music theatre, street theatre, music, and other art forms, some of which are not so easily pigeonholed. Theaterfestival Boulevard #36, from 6 – 16 August 2020.

“Theaterfestival Boulevard offers an impressive range of high-quality, high-risk contemporary stage performances from the Netherlands and abroad.” 

“One of the most fun and versatile theatre festivals in the Netherlands. The Boulevard programme is highly varied and truly offers something for everyone, from keen theatre lovers to first-time audiences.”

“A good example of solidarity and harmony in times when politicians and big business have a tendency to label art as an outsider activity. It doesn’t have to be this way, and Den Bosch is proving it. The city has embraced the arts.”

Theaterfestival Boulevard’s greatest achievement is its adventurous and varied programme: a range of seminal performing artists from the Netherlands and Flanders, plus international directors and choreographers.

In and around the city 
The programme is presented across the historic city centre of 's-Hertogenbosch; there will be shows inside theatres and other cultural venues like concert halls and museums, but also in disused factory buildings, parks, back gardens, new housing estates, in cafés and in the street.

Festival square
The renowned festival square beneath St John’s Cathedral will be hosting shows in circus tents, shows for tiny tots, international street theatre and live music. Our visitors equally embrace the pioneering artists on the bill.

The ‘Josephkwartier’, the spaces in and around our offices on St. Josephstraat, is where Boulevard presents shows and programs that demand further reflection. Here we ask our guests to share their experiences and invite them to meet the artists. 

Our open Research & Development department is called BLVR&D and is located near the festival square. Here we get together to think out loud, meet each other for a workshop or a masterclass. 

Theaterfestival Boulevard attracts wide audiences, the festival caters to all ages. Our audiences consists both of inhabitants of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and of faithful visitors and newcomers from further afield. In the annual ritual the festival is, we find an opportunity to truly share an experience!

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