Because the light

Something is in the air, the night smells like the moon. She will put everything that is undetected into the light. Your plans, dreams, desires. Because this is not the time to seek out the dark or to stay hidden. On the contrary. Show what you stand for. So does Boulevard, both in daylight and after sunset. 


For thirty-eight years, our festival has started when the sun is high in the sky. This year is no different. Despite this, Boulevard’s theme is ‘The Night’ in 2023, for more reasons than there are shooting stars. As a southern and soulful festival, we love the night. She is a ticket to celebration and devotion. What do we celebrate? Love, friendship and coming together, whether at campfire, candlelight, or elsewhere. Moreover, the night changes your senses. The world looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels different. This leads to new ideas and insights. Which are much needed. 


The night is a place of caring for each other. As we should in this day and age. An embrace, comfort, union. Another beautiful thing: the unheard voice after sunset. The thoughts that are too loud during the day, the stories that have been kept a secret, the song of the blue hour - when the night sleepily tumbles and a new day arises in yellow. 


Is there a chance to stumble? Always, that’s life. The night also represents confusion and living by touch. It should not hold you back. We are on our way, in good faith. Somewhere a new path will present itself. 


See you soon! 
Team Boulevard 

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks:
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