11 till 13 August 2022

Your daughter heals wounds

Lisette Ma Neza | NL

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Few understand the art of healing. But language artist Lisette Ma Neza [1997] closes wounds with words. Your daughter heals wounds is a theatrical mix of poetry, music and dance. Lisette’s strong asset: pinkish, sooty and rebellious texts, in which fighting spirit and china-likepreciousness go hand in hand.

Location Verkadefabriek/Kleine zaal
Running time 50 min.
Genre Muziektheater, Performance

In Lisette Ma Neza's rosy-cheeked, rebellious lyrics, fighting spirit and porcelainity always go hand in hand. That also applies to Your daughter heals wounds, a musical and rhythmic poem about scratches, scars and the need to break through stubbornness - or do we continue it from generation to generation? It is a moving performance, in which Ma Neza shows how we can speak without language. Supported by three musicians - Indra Diallo [healing harp], Peter Somuah [trumpet] and Pape Seck [percussion] - and the dancers Giovanni Pisas, Revé Terborg and Birgit.

With her performance Die meisje van Brussel she conquered Boulevard 2021. She was also applauded for her performance and text strength in Hier zijn we koningen|Verzwegen Geschiedenis [2022] by Het Zuidelijk Toneel and The Black Archives. In this performance, Lisette puts a suppressed family history from Rwanda fully into the light. She studies film in Brussels and won silver at the 2019 World Slam Poetry Championships in Rio de Janeiro.

Lisette Ma Neza will be a guest at Talk of the day on 12 August at 4 pm.


Poetry and voice: Lisette Ma Neza
Music: Indra Diallo, Peter Somuah, Pape Seck
Dance: Giovanni Pisas, ReveĢ Terborg, Birgit
Musical enhancement: Neil Akenzua, Orville Breeveld
Scenography: Absa Sissoko

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks:
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