Theatre-makers and choreographers broaden their horizons by connecting people and guide them on impassable roads. They entangle dreams and courage. What they make matters to us. Our context programme, which is worth a visit without a visit to a performance, explores various subjects together with makers and inhabitants. Sometimes playful and flirty, but also connected and daring.

Besides this, we organise BLVR&D since 2019.
For 16 days, various people and organisations work on cases between art and society. For example, we put together a sustainable festival menu. Or we work on our accessibility. A free visitable working space that brings head, heart and hope together.


De Dom

De Dom is a brand new house. A tremendous house, parading in the Zuiderpark. The walls are transparent. This way, we can take a closer look outside and inside. That is what de Dom is all about; this place brings theatre, the city, and the world together. De Dom is the place where we think and create. Everyone is welcome. You can join one of our context programmes or participate in one of our workshops.
The gatherings at de Dom are freely accessible. Please, reserve your spot beforehand because of the limited availability.


Reading session (2+, 4+, 6+)

From Friday the 6th till Sunday the 22th of August we organise reading sessions, especially for children. Different authors read thrilling, funny or comforting children’s books from 1.30 PM to 1.50 PM. We give attention to a new age group every day. The books are connected to the theme of the children’s performances at the BLVRD Theater. Sit down and listen. You are welcome to bring an adult to keep you company.
This programme is developed in collaboration with and with a huge thanks to Boekhandel Adr. Heinen and Huis 073. Both selected the books and made them available.
It is possible to buy the books in the bookstore or via www.heinen.nl.


Talk of the day

Vincent Wijlhuizen or Jowi Schmitz lead a conversation every day at 4:00 PM at de Dom. They talk with the theatre and dance makers of the festival and one external expert. They search for current topics, which they approach from different perspectives.
Leading: Jowi Schmitz and Vincent Wijlhuizen. We will add guests in the upcoming weeks.

6-Aug Katja Heitmann

7-Aug Francesca Lazzeri

8-Aug Joseph Toonga

10-Aug Nastaran Razawi Khorasani

11-Aug Florian Myjer

12-Aug Robin Block

13-Aug Teletext

14-Aug Jan Martens

15-Aug Schippers&VanGucht

17-Aug Marte Bonenschansker

18-Aug Minou Bosua

19-Aug Alexandra Broeder

20-Aug Anoek Nuyens & Rebekka de Wit

21-Aug Liat Waysbort





After talk

After the performances, we have a conversation about this performance with a moderator. Sometimes in the company of a maker, but more often without one. In these talks, you can share your point of view and compare if others feel the same. Or you can collect new insights.
Our after talks are free accessible, take around 20 minutes and start shortly after the performance. It is possible to remain in your seat.

BLVR&D - workshops

Work, think and search with us

Our festival theme is Hack the Horizon, but it could also be the pay-off of this place: How do we relate to each other, plants and animals, to care and health? Questions we do not want to avoid. On the contrary, de Dom handles these questions creatively, thoroughly, playful, and unconventional. Maybe the (beginning of) an answer or solution arises.

BLVR&D-workshops are for everyone; artists, visitors, citizens, professionals, and (international) festival visitors. Some are here to work at a directed case, but you are welcome to walk in at react at what you see or hear. The working forms are diverse. At long tables, or as speed-dates. Building a scale model or a game. Come, work, think and search with us.

During the festival, the reports of the various sessions are shared at festivalboulevard.nl and Boulevard's and the participant's social media channels. Hashtag #deDom. The results are also shared in the space itself.

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks: