5 till 14 August 2022

The NarcoSexuals

Dries Verhoeven | NL

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Dark rooms and gay bars have been driven out of the relative safety of city centers. With the living installation The NarcoSexuals, theatre maker Dries Verhoeven puts gay men in the spotlight who – in anonymous living rooms – surrender to sexual drug use. Not without risk, but they take care of each other. Does ‘society’ allow them to put their lives on the line?

Location Papenhulst
Running time Estimated visiting time at least 50 min.
Genre Performance

Dries Verhoeven will be a guest at Talk of the day on 7 August at 4 pm.


Concept: Dries Verhoeven
Performers: Bráulio Bandeira, Matteo Bifulco, Tamar Blom, Vincent Clavaguera, Wojciech Grudzin‘ski, Estefano Romani, Barnaby Savage
Movement material: ontwikkeld i.s.m. de performers
Sound design: Thijs van Vuure
Dramaturgy: Hella Godee & Miguel Melgares
Assistence: Marte Boneschansker

Stage text/direction: Hendrik de Pecker
Technology: Roel Evenhuis, Peer Thielen
Production: ’n More - Ellen van Bunnik, Lise van den Hout, Studio Dries Verhoeven
Co-production: SPRING Performing Arts Festival
With special thanks to: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Utrecht, Fentener van Vlissingenfonds, K.F. Hein Fonds
Extras: Monique van den Boomen, Tom Seebregts, Liesbeth Verstegen, Marina Kopier, Suzanne Schoenmakers, Anita Witteveen, Nancy Frederiks 
Oliver Wagstaff

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks:
  • Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Provincie Noord-Brabant
  • Fonds Podiumkunsten
  • Brabant C
  • VSBfonds
  • Fonds21
  • BankGiro Loterij
  • Cultuurfonds
  • Creative Europe Programme (EU)
  • De Versterking
  • Verkadefabriek
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