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During eleven days in August Theaterfestival Boulevard ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) presents a range of the most interesting theater, dance, music (theater) and interdisciplinary productions in front of an extensive, local and curious audience.

The festival offers high quality, contemporary and experimental, domestic and international, productions. We love to present performances that make a direct appeal to our senses. From grand physical shows in a parking lot to interactive experiences in a museum space and ritualistic contemporary dance on the big stage. Artists like Dries Verhoeven, Jetse Batelaan, Lotte van den Berg, Boukje Schweigman, Benjamin Verdonck and Miet Warlop create their own dramaturgies; often associative and sometimes defying psychology, yet politically and socially engaged. Leaving room for the subconscious. Engaging all the senses.

Sustainable partnerships have been established with artists from The Netherlands as well as Flanders (northern part of Belgium) and some are co-produced by the festival. In addition to this, interesting international work is selected as a framework to start the dialogue with other productions from the Low Countries of both established and rather emerging artists. 

Information regarding language accessibility is to be found on the page of the performances programmed. 

In our archive, you can find the performances of previous years. 

We just published a booklet in English about our festival with general information. 
Have a read!

International professionals programme

Since 2017 the festival works together with Dutch Performing Arts within the frame of an international professionals programme. We annually invite a group of international professionals to this programme during our festival. We focus on representatives from festivals and venues outside the capital cities in Europe, parties that are open to exchange and potential partners for the artists we present. 

The programme offers international professionals an opportunity to get to know the festival, meet the directors, artists, choreographers and each other. It promotes intercultural dialogue and interaction with the programme. The (emerging) Dutch artists gain an international perspective on their work, with opportunities to reflect on their work from angles that stretch beyond the low countries. 

Next to the collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, the festival also works with Kunstenpunt/Flemish Art Institute in organising the ‘Highlights from the Lowlands’ professionals programme. In 2019, this touring programme will be organised during Boulevard. 

Obviously as an international visitor you are more than welcome to visit the festival. We will be glad to help with travel, accommodation and tickets. 

For more information on the programme and/or with any other questions related to international affairs, please contact Job Rietvelt, job@festivalboulevard.nl. 

Dates Professionals programme 2019
The ‘Highlights from the Lowlands visitors' programme will take place from 7 - 10 August.
This programme is in cooperation with Flanders Arts Institute and Dutch Performing Arts


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