Food & Drinks

In the Zuiderpark, you will find a mouthwatering array of goodies. Restaurants, food trucks, bars, the coffee shop and terraces. From luxurious to simple, from fish and vegetarian/vega to steak, biofrites and ice cream. From lunch to dinner, from champagne to lemonade with tap water. On the Parade you can relax on the terrace. You can also enjoy dishes from the Middle East here. Attention: you can only pay by card. 

At our own restaurant LOF you can enjoy lunch, drinks and/or dinner. Would you like the famous mussels or the delicious tagliatelle with olives and feta cheese? Enjoy LOF at the water's edge!

FAAM restaurant & street food
At FAAM, you can enjoy an extensive dinner in the restaurant or bites and a quick bite at FAAM Streetfood. Indulge yourself with a diverse range of fish, meat and veg dishes, or enjoy oriental flavours.

Zwart Goud
Since 2010, the coffee boat 'Zwart Goud' has been sailing along the Dutch and Belgian Festivals. That the boat was built with love and attention can be seen from a sea mile away. But the real gold is only found when the coffee is ordered! Zwart Goud works together with Bocca coffee. They personally see to it that the farmers get an honest price for their coffee. We like that. We take care of organic cups, tea and milk products ourselves.

You probably know them: those wonderful festival vibes. Walking around, watching performances, chatting, shopping, drinking and eating. At Satheo we like to reinforce those cosy vibes. We provide a complete (Satheo) menu in a fun, easy way, whether you like meat or veg. With us, you can count on a wide choice. We offer chicken thigh, pork tenderloin, pork belly, veg skewers, potatoes and vegetables. Three of the same or three different ones; at Satheo it is all possible. A delicious roll on a stick and a choice of different sauces make the menu complete. The Satheo menu is not only delicious and original, but also very convenient at festivals! Our complete menu (from 300 to 350 grams) is served on a stick, so you can easily eat Satheo on the spot!

Karma Kebab
Karma Kebab is delicious, 100% plantpowered kebab. We leave the animals alone and stuff it full of local vegetables and grain. These typically Dutch ingredients grow naturally around the corner, and that is precisely why we think it is so logical to make our kebabs from them. That is sustainability with farmer's sense. So with your portion of Karma Kebab, you are not only being good to the planet, but also good to yourself. Karma points guaranteed.

Fresh Freddy
At Fresh Freddy you will find the most delicious home-made water ice made from fresh fruit.

Bollyfoods serves Indian meals and snacks from brightly coloured food trucks and has been a favourite on Boulevard for years.

At Shouf you will find the most delicious, fresh dishes from Syria and the Middle East.

Leffe Truck
From Thu 11 to Fri 14 August, you will find the Leffe Truck on the terrace of the Parade. Here you will find delicious Leffe beers on tap. 

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