For many years, Boulevard has made a special effort to make the festival accessible by adapting regulations and services. Examples are the free performances and activities for people with a limited budget. We also offer a selection of performances using live audio-description and theatrical signers. Where possible, we use audio induction loops. Caregivers, assistants and service dogs are of course welcome. Naturally, we have adapted restrooms and wheelchair seating. We also provide good accessibility for wheelchairs: ramps, paths and stair lifts are adapted as best as possible.
For visitors with chronic fatigue, autism or cognitive disabilities, there are tailored day programmes (with guides). Here we make sure that everything is properly organised: transportation, shorter and low-threshold performances and rest areas in between. On two low-stimulus Tuesdays (Quiet Day Visits), 10 and 17 August, we ensure as few environmental stimuli as possible and there is a wide range of performances that are just a little bit quieter.
In addition to adapted performances, there are a number of regular performances suitable for audiences with disabilities. Icons in our online and printed materials indicate for which specific groups performance are suitable (for example, deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, wheelchair, service dog).
Event 2021
This year too, we will invest heavily on the aspect of accessibility. Below is an overview of the facilities and adjustments.
We can also provide tailored advice, so don’t hesitate to send us your question or request:
Need specific help?
If you need help, for example in finding a route, or you don't have a chaperone or an assistant, then we have a number of volunteers who can help! We will do our best to make your visit as pleasant as possible, but due to high volumes of visitors or the nature of your request, we might not be able to honor every request. Contact our accessibility team in advance and further elaborate your request:
Blind or visually impaired?

We offer the following:

Deaf or hard of hearing?

We offer the following:

  • Selection of performances with signers. 
  • Special seats in the hall for a good view. Send an email to to reserve a spot.
  • Sign Language café on Saturday 14 August, between 15.00 and 22.0. The most cosy and quiet café on the new festival grounds.
  • Signers available during the Sign Language Café on Saturday 14 August.

On this afternoon, there are also various tent performances accessible to people with auditory disabilities. Signers are present at certain performances. During the festival, we announce which tents will have a signer.

Cognitive disabilities?

We offer the following:

  • Tailored day programmes, also for people with chronic fatigue and autism.
  • Here we will make sure that everything is organised in terms of transportation, shorter and low-threshold performances and rest areas in between.
  • Two low-stimulus Tuesdays, 10 and 17 August, with as few environmental stimuli as possible and a wide range of performances that are just a little bit quieter.
  • Age indications for each performance
Mobility limitation?

We offer the following:

  • Special wheelchair seating at performances. Send an email to to reserve a spot.
  • Disabled parking spaces in the St. Jan parking garage, near the festival heart in the Zuiderpark.

  • Kiss & Ride in the Vonk en Vlamlaantje.

  • Wheelchair accessible buses from the festival grounds to the performances locations. This is only upon request and with a good motivation! Send an email to to reserve a place.
  • Toilets for the disabled at various locations. 
  • Chairs at the queue for checking tickets at all the locations.
  • Free tickets for caregivers/assistants using a supporter pass, reserve via
What precisely do we mean?

In order to classify our performances into categories, we use a number of 'accessibility terms'. If you see the following option appear at the performance of your choice, then what we mean is the following:

Language no problem
A performance that uses little or no speech. Sometimes surtitles are provided, so that the audience can follow the story, no matter what language the actor speaks. In many cases, music or a soundscape play an important role.

A signer is present
There is an NGT interpreter present. He/she translates the performance for people with a hearing impairment.

Service dogs are welcome
Almost the entire festival is accessible with the help of a caregiver, assistant or service dog. There are a number of exceptions. Contact our accessibility team regarding this via

Audio induction loop /infrared system
There is an audio induction loop or an infrared system available.

Wheelchair accessibility
A performance can be attended in a wheelchair. However, it is often necessary to make a reservation in advance. Our accessibility team can provide you with more information on this matter.

Auditory impairment
The performance is suitable for people with a hearing impairment. Usually, little or no speech is used. Performances where music plays a major role are often excluded from this term, but they are marked as ‘language no problem’. 

Visual impairment
The performance is suitable for people with a visual impairment. Language and/or music dominate in these performances. There are also performances in which we offer audio-description, in collaboration with the Komt het Zien Foundation.

We will be happy to provide tailored advice, so send your question/request to

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