Wanted: Starplayers for Theaterfestival Boulevard

During Theater Festival Boulevard you stand between performances, visitors, theater-revelers, and dozens of other colleagues for eleven days. The bustling festival heart in the Zuiderpark and the beautiful locations where intimate or large performances are played, make the festival a unique workplace. Do you want to come and dot the i's there - with your dazzling enthusiasm, creative involvement, and unbridled hospitality?

Are you 16 years or older and preferably living in the 's-Hertogenbosch area? Are you available for at least 4 days (a shift a day lasts between 4 and 6 hours) between 1 and 11 August 2024? And possibly even before the festival? Want to know more? Send us an email via vrijwilligers@festivalboulevard.nl.  

You can sign up through this link.   

Production employee

The production employee is characterized by a sharp eye, understanding of terminal blocks and scaffolding pipes, two right hands, and rolled up sleeves. You are inventive, creative and you see the work.  

Public guide

The audience facilitators are the calling cards of Theater Festival Boulevard. You guide the audience to the location where the performance takes place and/or you check tickets. In addition, you ensure that the visit goes safely. As a public counselor, you are communicative and above all friendly, you have an affinity with art & culture. In your work, you are enthusiastic, independent and flexible, enterprising, and accurate. 

Employee Tickets & Info = Full

As a Ticket & Info desk employee at the festival heart, you fulfill a pivotal role in the provision of information and ticket sales. As the first information point for visitors, you have all knowledge about performances, locations, transport and other practical matters ready, and you are handy with computer systems. It goes without saying that you have a good dose of enthusiasm and positive persuasiveness! In addition, your attitude is customer-oriented, you speak several languages ​​(in any case English), you are socially skilled and you have an affinity with theatre and dance. And you are also a lot available (minimum 7 services)!   

We strive for a team that is as diverse as possible.   

Want to know more? Send us an email at vrijwilligers@festivalboulevard.nl


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