9 augustus 2023

Crowded Bodies

Dancing in your Shoes/ Italië | IT

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During the workshops with the Bologna community, we often wondered about the question of identity, observing it as a cultural construction, as a collection of encounters. We observed our presences of crowded bodies with the urgency of a silent space to find each other closer, moved in the dynamic of becoming together.

Locatie Verkadefabriek/ Studio Tramkade
Speelduur 40 min.
Genre Dans

The creation intends to focus on the uniqueness of each performer as the nucleus of possible collective evolutions to give rise to a choral action of portraits in the making. Imagining it as a love parade, in which each body is a matrix that dances and generates multiple variations, it is intended to reflect on the time of becoming and on the desire to feel close, welcomed, united, and understood.

Crowded Bodies is a production by Cassero LGBTI+ Center / Gender Bender International Festival. Cassero LGBTI+ Center / Gender Bender International Festival is based in Italy and is a partner in the project Performing Gender - Dancing in your shoes. This project focuses on connecting dance to intersecting identities, working with dancers and local communities from eight different European countries. Read more about the project. 

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
More information about Performing Gender: Performing Gender.


Direction and conduction Daniele Ninarello
Performers Giulia Amadori, Agave Barone, Giuditta de Concini, Mauro Meneghelli, Anna Rolfi, Pietro Tomasi, Davide Uccellari.
Other community members involved in the production Denise Ania, Silvia Brazzale, Daniele Chieppa, Annamaria D’Adamo, Miriana Erario, Helena Falabino, Sara Giordani, Giulia Guadagnoli, Chiara Mannucci, Alessandro Tampieri, Emanuele Tontini, Maria Stella Zangirolami.
Photo Margherita Caprilli

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