09 May 2023

On May 25th, the tickets for Friends of Boulevard will go on sale. On May 30th, the general tickets will go on sale. In a previous news article, we explained how we are spreading the sale of our tickets over two different dates. The programme will be presented through two magazines containing various articles and columns providing background information on the various performances. We are glad to share the first six performances for Boulevard 2023! 


Programme 2023 


With her performance ONE SONG, Flemish theatre maker Miet Warlop [BE] creates, at the invitation of NTGent, a universe in which eight performers enter the arena for a mesmerising ritual about goodbyes, life, death and hope. The performance was crowned as one of the best performances of 2022 by the New York Times, and briefly returns to the Netherlands for Boulevard. 


With his company 71BODIES, choreographer Daniel Mariblanca [NO] has been working on A True Story, a project with dance, performance and live music. It is based on the life of the performing dancers - children, teens and adults - who are transgender, like Daniel himself. 


With The Weight of WaterPanama Pictures/Bosch Parade [NL] makes a poetic dance/circus performance with six performance on a floating staircase, designed by visual artist Rob van Dam. The balance of the whole is at constantly at stake. How will every individual develop themselves when balance is under pressure? 


The Italian maker Chiara Bersani [IT] performed Seeking Unicorns in 2019, and Whale Song in 2021 at Boulevard. In August, she will be returning with SOTTOBOSCO, where she collaborates with people with a disability. Together with them, she wants to create an environment where these groups can meet and become a community. 


Between 2021 and 2024, Katja Heitmann [NL] is developing Motus Mori, an archive of human movements, together with her team. In 2021, she built a museum of these movements. At Boulevard 2023, with her performance-installation Motus Mori: RELIQUIEM, she is taking the next step in her research to find methods of capturing movement, analysing them and archiving them. 


Desire by Louis Janssens [BE] takes place during the blue hour; the transition between day and night. He makes a performance about the desire for intimacy, touch and love. Four characters show their thoughts, doubts, fears and desires in this performance. 


Ticket sales 

On Tuesday May 30th at noon, the general tickets for the first 13 performances will go on sale. All details about them can be found on our website, festivalboulevard.nl, when the tickets go on sale. 


Theaterfestival Boulevard ’s-Hertogenbosch takes place between Thu August 8th and Sun August 13th. 


Photo: Michel Devijver - Performance One Song - Miet Warlop

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