08 May 2023

Dear visitors of Theaterfestival Boulevard, 


Let us introduce ourselves: we are iona&rineke, a music theatre company consisting of Iona, Rineke (writers) and Merel (business leader/director). Before this, we were newcomers at Orkater, with whom we made Rumspringa, Kill All Kids and XX. 

This summer, at Theaterfestival Boulevard, we will present the first part of a triptych we will be making over the next two years, surrounding the theme of being ill. 


This theme did not come to us out of thin air, as we are/have been ill, With our upcoming projects we want to take people to 'the Realm of the Ill'; a different world that every ill person familiarises themselves with and tries to map out. A world that is mysterious and incomprehensible to the healthy. But it's also a place that everyone needs to get acquainted with, because all of us will spend some amount of time there in the end. 


In these upcoming two years, we want to be in touch with those who are experienced in this theme, either as a caretaker or as someone who is or has been ill. We will be doing this through mail, with our pen pals. Maybe you want to become one too? Every season, we will send you a letter with creative assignments and questions, and we hope to get your input through this, in the same way we send (writing and crafts) assignments during our ailment to each other. These assignments support us in our process and give a form of meaning to taking care, being ill, or being vulnerable. Hopefully we can pass that meaning on to you. 


The received input can be used in one of our projects. Of course, we will do this anonymously and only with your consent! 


If you are thinking: “Yes!", please send us an e-mail at info@ionarineke.nl if you want to become our expert pen pal! 


Best from iona&rineke 

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