12 till 15 August 2021

Onduidelijke Correspondenties

Menzo Kircz | NL

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The World can be captured in images. We try to consume and share everything around us in small bite-sized bits. Bits of images fly across our planet. But however many images we take in, it has little or nothing to do with the imagination. Menzo Kircz made this his ongoing research, a search for a common language, a common way of imagining things. For this, he creates a small, poetic world to get lost in. In Onduidelijke Correspondenties [Unclear Correspondences] you join the table, to relive all the things that were always there, to develop a new language, to reinforce the imagination. 

PLEASE NOTE! This performance does not play at a location of Theaterfestival Boulevard location, but at your home! The condition is that you live in the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch and that you have a table with chairs all around. You are close to each other around the table, therefore you can only participate together with your household. You can buy a ticket for 2 people, or for 3 people or more (with a maximum of 10, if you can fit that many chairs around your table). Menzo will also sit at the table, keep that in mind because of the space. No later than two weeks prior to the performance, we will contact you about practical matters.

Location Bij jou thuis
Running time 75 min.
Genre Theatre

Kircz’ work often revolves around physical deconstruction and reconstruction of The Things around him, in an attempt to better understand the world. He gives stuff a voice and makes it as valuable as any other means of communication. In Onduidelijke Correspondenties this happens during a collective moment around the table. This production is his graduation performance, with which he has toured Europe since 2018. 

Expeditie Cement

This performance is part of Expeditie Cement, the summer program in which Festival Cement presents its selection of makers who visit a number of hospitable partners: Theaterfestival Boulevard, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Verkadefabriek and MU. Check the complete program on www.festivalcement.nl


written, directed and performed by Menzo Kircz 
scenography and set design Menzo Kircz 
dramaturgy Pim Cornelussen & Marie Peeters 

production Kircz Internationaal 
fotographer campaign image Leontien Allemeersch 

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