13 till 14 August 2021

La Loba

Hélène Vrijdag en Timo Tembuyser | NL/BE

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An older woman wanders through the woods, collects bones and takes them to her cabin, where she sings a primordial song, a song to bring the bones back to life. Flesh and fur are wrapped around the bones, and a wolf arises and runs to the horizon. With La Loba, we hear two solo’s searching for community singing, with and despite each other. The duet is a plea to free our inner wolves, search for nature’s fluidity, and sound a new primordial song. La Loba is a composition sung above bones that once were lost, returned, and resurrected as a howling wolf. A manifest for the fluidity of masculinity and femininity, human and animal, tenor and soprano. Where the running wolf turns out to be a woman at the horizon.

Location Huis73/ Pleitzaal
Running time 60 min.
Genre Performance, Muziektheater

In 2019, Timo created the Cement production MEMENTUM, where Hélène sang. Their first performance as a duo was HICCUP, a performance created for Welcome to Our Guest House from Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam. Meanwhile, it is time for a primordial duet.

Expedition Cement

This performance is part of Expeditie Cement, the summer program in which Festival Cement presents its selection of makers visiting a number of hospitable partners: Theaterfestival Boulevard, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Verkadefabriek and MU. Check out the complete program at www.festivalcement.nl.



Cement Productie, a co-production with Via Zuid and in collaboration with Muziektheater Transparant
concept Hélène Vrijdag 
performed and sung by Timo Tembuyser en Hélène Vrijdag
composition Timo Tembuyser en Hélène Vrijdag, Georg Friedrich Händel, Sergej Rachmaninov
directed by Guilherme Miotto
Singing coach Naomi Beeldens
scenography & light design Erik van de Wijdeven
photography (PR) Erik van de Wijdeven


costume design & make-up artist Sara Schoon
a huge thanks to Lena Meyskens for sharing her insights regarding queer opera, Jozef van de Wijdeven for the technical help, Romy Moons en Pim Pernet for sharing their sound equipment, Henk en Dorrie for taking care of a welcome and clean working space.
thanks to Tabea Mangelsdorf, Eli Steffen, Naomi Beeldens, Melih Gençboyaci en Nicole Beutler for sharing their voices and thoughts in our La Loba: Four Manifestos’ podcasts.
production leader Rick Hooijberg
corporate leader Janneke Defesche
artistic guidance Leonie Clement 

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