11 till 13 August 2021

Oma, mag ik mijn pop terug? (6+)

Theater Gnaffel | NL

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Every Sunday, Fien visits her grandmother with her doll. Together, they play games and eat cookies. Fien watches her grandmother get older and forgetting more. What if she can’t remember anything? What if she can’t remember her name or what your name is? One day, she forgets so many things, that she has to move to a special house for the forgetful. Doll may sleep over one night, but when grandma forgets where she left Doll, Fien has to take action. A funny and touching play with dolls about Fien and her grandmother, based on the book by Mark Haayema. Oma, mag ik mijn pop terug? offers comfort in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Location Zuiderpark/BLVRD Theater
Running time 55 min.
Genre Theatre
Ticket price € 9, kind € 5
Accessibility wheelchair users, Ringleiding

Mark Haayema adapted his book Oma, mag ik mijn pop terug? – voted best children’s book about dementia – to a theatre performance for the company Theater Gnaffel, situated in Zwolle. For more than twenty years, this company produced performances in which human-sized dolls come to life. Artistic director Elout Hout was awarded the Gouden Krekel for his oeuvre in 2013.

Wed 11 Aug at 14:30
Thu 12 Aug at 14:30
Fri 13 Aug at 14:30

“Gnaffel succeeds wonderfully in turning a painful subject into entertaining and penetrating theatre for parents and their (grand) children.” 
- Theaterkrant


text Mark Haayema
directed by Elout Hol 
performance Elout Hol, Noralie Jansen, Sanne van Dijk 
dramaturgy Pieter Vrijman 
director and dramaturg assistent Annemarth Velds 
doll design Elout Hol 

decor and costume design Jacqueline van Eeden 
music Jan Paul de Bondt 
light design Valentijn van der Mieden 
photography Erik Franssen 
graphic design Tjade Bouma

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