18 till 22 August 2021

Sono io? (12+)

Circus Ronaldo | BE

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As time goes by, you become more and more alike. In facial expressions, jokes you were once only ashamed of. But you were born in this time, he in a previous generation: you grow together and away from each other at the same time. Between a father and a son lies the deep ravine of their resemblance. A rope with flags stretched over it. Clowns Danny and Pepijn Ronaldo move towards each other at a walking pace. Sono io? or 'Who am I?' is a wordless, absurd, funny, and moving attempt at a meeting between father and son. Presented by pleasantly disturbed favourite and family business Circus Ronaldo. Last year, Circus Ronaldo showed the family-friendly performance Applaus at our festival accompanied by the loud clattering of hands.

Location Bastion Sint Anthonie
Running time 75 min.
Genre Theatre, circus
Ticket price € 19, under 18 € 10
Ticket price 'Vriend' € 17
Accessibility wheelchair users, Ringleiding

Circus Ronaldo is a Flemish family business whose origins date back to 1827. The Ronaldos make heartwarming performances in their famous circus tent without high tech, hypes, or heavy beats. In 2016, they brought the public to their knees with Fidelis Fortibus - or 'faithful are the brave' - about loyalty, connection and death.

Wed 18 Aug various times
16:00 - Laatste kaarten
Thu 19 Aug at 21:00
Fri 20 Aug various times
Sat 21 Aug various times
Sun 22 Aug at 21:00


with Danny Ronaldo and Pepijn Ronaldo
technique Seppe Verbist
production Lesley Verbeeck

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