6 till 15 August 2021

Oxygen Debt

Werkplaats van de Woestijne | NL

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Come on, just a little more, pick up the pace, push your boundaries. Don’t give up. You are doing this for yourself – not for me. Feel those aching legs. This is the body that upsets you sometimes. This is the body that makes you feel you’re in love. This is the body that can start shaking all of a sudden, with a heart that skips a beat, that needs oxygen. Oxygen Depts is philosophical spin class by Werkplaats van de Woestijne, during which you explore your own body. The oxygen dept inside your body builds up, while you think about what's going on internally at that moment. Your heart is pumping, muscles are contracting, lungs are filling up and emptying again and again. Can you feel it? This is the only body you have.

Location Willem Twee poppodium
Running time 60 min.
Genre Theatre

For an hour, a tireless fitness coach motivates you to get the most out of yourself physically and mentally. The faster we cycle, the closer we get to the sweaty reality that the body doesn't always do what we want. Do we also dare to see our body as a reminder of our temporality, our heartbeat as the thing that binds us to this earth? With Oxygen Debt, Bart van de Woestijne gives a comforting and gentle look at ourselves and each other: as people who slowly, very slowly, come to a standstill.


Expedition Cement

This performance is part of Expeditie Cement, the summer program in which Festival Cement presents its selection of makers visiting a number of hospitable partners: Theaterfestival Boulevard, Theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Verkadefabriek and MU. Check out the complete program at www.festivalcement.nl.



This class is setup so that everybody can participate at his or her own level and pace; you don’t need to be an experienced spinner. Because of the current safety measures, there are no locker rooms; come to the location wearing sportswear and bring your sneakers.


Concept & directed by Bart van de Woestijne
dramaturgy Maarten Bos
production Nikita Oldert
performance Luit Bakker
campaign image Nikki Sluiter & Afke van Ast
technical design Casper Wortmann

sound design Tjalling Schrik
scenography Jolein Kop & Tom Heintz
co-production Over het IJ Festival & Festival Cement
artistic coaching Alexandra Broeder
business manager Joanneke van de Woestijne
Oxygen Debt is a production of Over het IJ Festival, a co-production with Festival Cement.

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