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In order of disappearance

Bart van de Woestijne | NL

Together with seven others you are at the edge of a forest. On your headphones you hear a voice that guides you out of your familiar world. Look at the others one last time. Because you will go your own way, all by yourself. Finally you arrive at a location that gives you shelter. Or is that just a comforting delusion?

In order of disappearance, by theatermaker Bart van de Woestijne [1991] is an exercise in being alone. Step by step you leave the outer world, to discover an inner world. Your inner world.

Whether the answers are there for you to pick up remains to be seen. For, in which company are you when you are all alone with yourself? Is it pleasant? Surprising? Or do you end up in and endless vacuum and are you slowly dissolving? And, more than a p.s.: how would the other seven be? In order of disappearance researches the contradictory idea that our solitude can connect us with each other.

Last March corona measures caused the cancellation of physical presentations during Festival Cement. As part of Powered by Boulevard audiences get a chance to experience this live performance after all.

Both available in Dutch and English!

P.S. Not suitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia. 
Next to the general Covid-19 guidelines, the following measures apply here: this performance is partly a walk, which enables the audience to keep a safe 1,5-meter distance to each other. Next to this, all points of contact will be cleaned according to the guidelines. 


Direction, concept and text:  Bart van de Woestijne 
Dramaturgy:  Maarten Bos 
Scenography:  Sofie Doeland 
Production:  Eline Elbersen & Lysanne van Esch
Sound design:  Wessel Schrik 
Performer:  Casper Nusselder 
Technique:  Daan Westendorp 
Coproduction:  Over het IJ Festival, Festival Cement 
Artistic advisor:  Alexandra Broeder 
Photography:  Guillaume Amat 
Thanks to:  Breg Pels Rijcken, Muhamed Stranjac

  • 5 t/m 16 August 2020
  • Location Vertrekpunt Werkwarenhuis
  • Running time 60 min.
  • Entrance price €15, under 18/CJP €10
  • Type Installation/ Visual arts
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    No catering available
  • Accessibility Not wheelchair accessible
  • Accessibility Deze voorstelling is prikkelarm, maar niet geschikt voor mensen met claustrofobie.
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