1 till 3 August 2019

De Living

NTGent/ Ersan Mondtag | BE/DE

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De Living begins with a woman coming home to her living room and ends with her killing herself. Or is it the other way around? Can this final hour be told backwards, and bring the woman back to life? Directing De Living is the celebrated, Berlin-based young theatre maker Ersan Mondtag [1987]. His compelling shows feature few words, yet set tongues wagging. On the one hand, De Living owes its much talked-about status to its ingenious concept, grotesque images and flirt with horror. On the other hand, to its probing and current sense of recognition. Mondtag was inspired by the discomfort many of his contemporaries experience from an increasing sense that their lives and society are beyond their control. De Living is performed by twin sisters Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu [1995] from Brussels. As the dance duo Les Mybalés they are all the rage in Belgium and abroad with their mix of hiphop, house and afro house. 

Director: Ersan Mondtag, Doris en Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu
Performance: Doris en Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu
Coproduction: Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussel, La Villette Paris, HAU Hebbel am Ufer - Berlin, Theaterfestival Boulevard

Etcetera: “Hoogdravendheid en een grote mond maken evenzeer deel uit van Mondtags aura als zijn openheid en spontaniteit.”

Location Theater aan de Parade/ Grote Zaal
Running time 70 min.
Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks:
  • Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Den Bosch Partners
  • Provincie Noord-Brabant
  • Fonds Podiumkunsten
  • VSBfonds
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  • Vriendenloterij Fonds
  • Creative Europe Programme (EU)
  • Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds
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  • VandenEnde Foundation
  • Fonds ZOZ
  • Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur
  • Jan van Hoof Galerie
  • Apap
  • Feminist Futures
  • Performing Gender