3 till 4 August 2023


Kolektiv Lapso Cirk | ES

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In OVVIO, David and Tomas, together forming Kolektiv Lapso Cirk, challenge the laws of gravity and their own abilities. It is a constant interplay of dance and balance in which materials you can also find at the construction store, gravity and David and Tomas' vestibular system play the leading roles. 

Location Zuiderpark/Parkpodium
Running time 50 min.
Genre Circus

In OVVIO, simple wooden planks and beams transform into a variety of constructions over the course of the performance, revealing these normally simple materials in a different light. It is a show in which the limits of gravity are continually challenged. Risk is recognised as an inevitable part of their work, as they constantly put each other in danger, testing each other's reactivity and vestibular system time and time again. Curious about each subsequent move and in suspense as to whether what they are doing is all right, you will be on the edge of your seat for much of the 50-minute contemporary circus performance. Just make sure you keep breathing.    

David and Tomas are two multidisciplinary circus artists specialising in balance and manipulation of commonly used objects. After graduating from the Italian circus school Cirko Vertigo, they founded the Kolektiv Lapso Cirk, an international contemporary circus collective, in 2016. The creation of OVVIO started about a year and a half ago and has since absorbed their curiosity and interest. Indeed, with OVVIO, they are engaged in a constant search for balance, through the use of raw materials and everyday objects.  



The wood that is used in this performance is made and used for Deventer op Stelten a month prior to Boulevard. This is made by a local entrepreneur, Bert Ros. This wood will come to Boulevard after the event, so the wood will be used several times!

And that's not all! After the performance, the wooden planks and beams get another life! They will go to three other festivals and then end up at the Stichting Stadshout, which further processes the wood! This way, the wood is used as efficiently as possible.


By and with Tomas Vaclavek & David Diez Mendez 
Directed and conceived by Kolektiv Lapso Cirk 
Outside eye Francesco Sgrò, Morgan Cosquer, Jorge Albuerne 
Music Gabriele Mitelli & Nicola Di Croce 
Lighting design Flavio Cortese
Coproducers Cirko Vertigo, Cirqueon, Festival Mirabilia, Gruppo Jobel, Hangar Creatività, Jatka78, La Central del Circ, La Corte Ospitale, Maciva, Plum Yard, Teatro Circo Price, Teatro Nucleo
Photo Tomás Václavek

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