5 August 2022

Step by Step

Filmscreening en nagesprek |

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On 5 August 2022 from 20.30-23.00, Boulevard, together with Weener XL, is organising an evening on the practice of integration and solidarity. The programme consists of a performance by singer and songwriter Shishani and a screening of the film Step by Step.

Location Zuiderpark/De Dom
Running time 60 min.
Genre Context

On this evening, people from the COAs Vinkel and Kasteel Meerwijk will be special guests. Everyone who feels the need to get closer to each other and would like to know more about integrating into our local society from the perspective of a newcomer to the city of Bosschen is warmly invited to attend.

The film Step by Step shows how difficult it is for a newcomer to settle in the Netherlands. When are you properly integrated? What factors lie behind it? Step by Step shows how recalcitrant the practice of 'assimilation' is. It is a story by and about newcomers in 's-Hertogenbosch, captured in a film that portrays their life story, their struggle and their success.

With the film - which has already won an award during the Berlin film festival - the makers, including Weener XL, hope to start a conversation about expectations and reality regarding integration and getting closer to each other. The film is not an end point, but a call to keep talking and to listen to each other. Besides space for conversation, there will be live music by two of the actors.

Beforehand, there is the chance to visit Shishani's concert in the BLVRD Theater aan de Parade (on the Parade), from 20.30 to 21.30. We will walk to the Zuiderpark together.

Singer and songwriter Shishani sings committed songs to give voice to unheard or underheard stories from all corners of the world. Expect a mix of soul, reggae, jazz and indie rock.

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks:
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