8 till 12 August 2022

Het groot en levendig extravaganza bordspel

Juup Luijten ONVOORZIEN | NL

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In the Zuiderpark, Juup Luijten [1992] challenges children and youngsters as well as adults to play dice. After your throw you may enter the giant board game Onvoorzien. Extravagant geese share the game with you. As you roll the dice, everyone finds their way. In goose step. Final destination? Discover it yourself. 

Location Zuiderpark/Parkpodium
Running time Doorlopend
Genre Installation / fine art, family show

Goose guardian Juup Luijten is connected to Schippers & VanGucht as an educator, but also develops his own theatre projects. The Zuiderpark is pre-eminently the place for his extravaganza sign: in the south-west corner of the park stands the work of art Woman with Geese. The bronze sculpture was stolen in January 2011, but the new one is extra anchored. On the eastern side of the park, you can also see entire families of Branta canadensis (Canadian goose). They are often sleepy and obese. Hopefully, they will join in the goose game: good for body and soul.


Concept: Juup Luijten 
Performance: Arzu Dabagh, Lyènne Doornbos, Dagmar Ketelaers, Trijntje Keijser en Felix van Steenis

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