9 till 14 August 2022

Able To Fuck Love

Gavin-Viano | NL

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His upper body is bare, and so is his soul. In the musical theatre performance Able To Fuck Love, Gavin-Viano offers songs and musings about love and sex.

Location Zuiderpark/Tent Rood
Running time 30 min.
Genre Musical theater

All those pimped-out profile sentences, all those loves-of-a-night, the yearning for the day when you swipe yourself right with a smile. In his songs - soul, gospel and R&B - the search for romance prevails. Four violinists from Eurasia Quartet and pianist/composer Joachim HenriÎtta accompany Gavin-Viano. They finely polish the coarse-grained title of the show: in the moving Able To Fuck Love, honey, heartfelt desire and wooden instruments intoxicate.


Performer Gavin-Viano
Pianist Joachim Henriëtta
Composers Gavin-Viano & Joachim Henrïëtta
Arranger Ilja Reingoud

Violinists Eurasia Quartet, Asia Czaj, Stanislav Degtyarev Ekaterina Degtiarevam, Justinas Kaunas, EglÄ— KaunietytÄ—, Paloma Ortas 
Lighting designer Maarten Hietbrink
Production manager Jostha Delima

Theaterfestival Boulevard thanks:
  • Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Provincie Noord-Brabant
  • Fonds Podiumkunsten
  • Brabant C
  • VSBfonds
  • Fonds21
  • BankGiro Loterij
  • Cultuurfonds
  • Creative Europe Programme (EU)
  • De Versterking
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