Note worthy

At Boulevard, we think it's important that the festival is a safe place to experience theatre. To ensure that any tensions are removed, please check the list below for each performance to see if there are any details that are important to you.

On a performance's webpage, we inform about the use of strobe effects for example. We do not mention more detailed information about what exactly happens in the performance because some visitors like to be surprised. At the same time, we are aware that certain images, effects, sounds or themes are not obvious to many visitors. We try to make this information as clear as possible in the list below.  

To ensure that everyone has a good experience, you can always inform yourself at You can also get in touch if you need extra facilities at a performance (such as a seat near the exit, for example).


You have to walk through the installation to different rooms. In the last room is dense mist. It is water vapour that does not hit the lungs, is odourless and non-greasy. Note it is an installation with live perfomances.


Katja Heitmann
The performance can only be followed through the headphones provided. The text is available in Dutch and English.


71BODIES / Daniel Mariblanca
The audience can sit on a tribune, on seat cushions or on individual chairs. The performance is a relaxed performance on Saturday, August 12, from 3pm-4pm. Check the performance page for details.

Karlijn Hamer
The performance on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 August from 4pm-5pm and the one on Monday 7 August from 7pm-8pm is a relaxed performance. Check the performance page for more details.


Miet Warlop/Irene Wool/NT Gent
Loud music will be used in the performance. Free earplugs are available at the venue.

Space_tial / Fontys Theater
The visual part of the concert takes place above your head. You are therefore invited to lie down on the floor to experience the concert to the fullest. For those who do not want or cannot lie down, a limited number of chairs is available.


Anna Verkouteren Jansen
You take a seat in the installation on your own and are escorted inside. To do so, you have to climb a flight of three steps and take a seat on an extremely comfortable massage chair. Once seated, you get headphones and a sleeping mask. The installation is not suitable for people with claustrophobia.

You will experience this installation alone, but if that is not possible, you may bring a companion.  It is an installation with text, music and images.

The screen shows a white flash of light at the beginning of the show, which could have the same effect as a stroboscope on some people.

It is very important that visitors download the app Telegram beforehand. This is needed to experience the prologue. If there are visitors with intellectual or cognitive disabilities, guidance is required. Please contact in advance.

Feel free to wear a statement t-shirt yourself and bring your words!

Stichting Stadshout Den Bosch
If you participate in this project, your clothes may get slightly dirty.

Corpo Máquina Society - It takes a child to raise a village/Free
Children who come to watch are also invited to join in. They can do so from about eight years old. It is a so-called relaxation performance. That means there is an open, free atmosphere. During the hour and a half that the gym is open to the public, people can walk in and out, it doesn't have to be as quiet as a mouse, people are allowed to talk, walk and possibly film.

Tatiana Julien & Anna Gaïotti
You are invited to sit close to the dancers on a cushion on the floor or on a chair.

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