03 June 2021

This year’s theme: Hack the horizon

From Thursday 5th of August to Sunday 22nd of August 2021 Theaterfestival Boulevard takes place. The 37th edition offers more than 120 different productions, concerts, performances and installations in theatres, on unique locations and in Zuiderpark. Additionally, we roam into the night with Fomo Fatale, club nights with steaming sounds. Zuiderpark is the new and spacious festival centre, with among others the well-known Block Boxes, a Park Podium with a daily program, in depth conversations and many theatre tents. Welcome!

With the motto Near and dear in 2020 – during the alternative corona-edition ‘From Boulevard with love’ - the festival offered her audiences an exercise in proximity. This year, the festival invites us to think about the future and the best before date of deeply rooted opinions. Is growth still self-evident? Can you put an endless strain on nature and on the environment? Festival motto: Hack the horizon. Theatre makers are indispensable in this. They connect people. They point to inaccessible roads. They tie dream and courage together. For that reason, Theaterfestival Boulevard invites her audiences to learn to relate to themselves once again this year. To nature and to our climate. To our origins, to care and health. To each other. Because new beginnings are nothing without new perspectives.


For many makers the idea behind Hack the horizon takes center stage. With Born to Manifest and Born to Protest [two parts of a triptych] choreographer Joseph Toonga [GB] presents a world in which taking care of each other and mutual support form a counterbalance to a tough reality which has a big influence on the life of these black British men. In the intimate and topical performance/installation Birds without flight, Francesca Lazzeri [NL] takes a bird’s eye view to mess up our human relation with the world of plants, in hope of creating more space for an alternative balance between the different species. The performance Songs for no one by Nastaran Razawi Khorasani [NL] offers a portrait of a hidden society, in which young people are heard rhythmically and loudly. The Italian choreographer Chiara Bersani [IT] brings the solo performance The Whales Song in which the audience evolves into a group and subsequently develops into a choir.

Click here if you want to read the full theme text about Hack the horizon.

And more…

Last year’s theatre projects of Lijn73, in which we connected Den Bosch neighbourhoods and citizens, gets a sequel. 
Theatre maker Alexandra Broeder [NL] is back with The Sheeptown Project, which she made based on the conversations she had with mentally vulnerable adolescents and a group of women from Den Bosch last year. Schweigman& [NL] puts the female body under a magnifying glass in Sensual Summer. This year, Boulevard also gives room to fellow festivals November Music, Festival Cement and Bosch Parade that unfortunately couldn’t take place this past year. And we see several fans’ favourites return, like Laika/ Zefiro Torna [BE] with BALSAM, Jan Martens/ GRIP [BE] with Elisabeth gets her way and De Warme Winkel/Florian Myjer [NL] with Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Ticket sales

On Thursday 17 June starts the online ticket sales through www.festivalboulevard.nl. Friends of the festival can purchase their tickets from Thursday 10 June. In the coming weeks, many more names will be announced.

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