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Would you like to show Theaterfestival Boulevard your warm support? Then let’s become friends. Your contribution will help the festival reach new heights. And as our friend you will automatically be in our good books. For € 50 per year you become a Friend of the Festival and receive a discount card which will offer you lots of benefits.

  • Priority booking (buy your tickets one week before regular ticket sales begin)
  • A 10% discount on shows on the main programme and Boulevard Routes (max. 2 people attending)
  • The opportunity to book a table for dinner at restaurant LOF, on the Parade festival square (no reservations will be taken elsewhere in the festival square).
  • You will be invited to Friends-only events throughout the year as well as during the festival.
  • You will receive special offers from Theaterfestival Boulevard’s cultural partners, such as discounts to shows at Theater aan de Parade or the Verkadefabriek. 


A ‘Friend Extra’ title represents double the support and double the benefits. For € 90 per year you AND another person can enjoy all of our bargain deals. Plus, you receive two vouchers (complimentary tickets) to visit a show inside one of the little tents on the festival square. 

For € 500 per year you help Theaterfestival Boulevard compile a high-quality performing arts programme. Enjoy all the benefits that Friends of the Festival receive, plus two vouchers (complimentary tickets) and a framed festival poster. Bosom Friends receive a VIP-welcome on the opening night of the festival.

Yes, i want to be a bosom friend for €500,- per year.

Attention: With name and address information of the person in whose name should be filled in is the bank account. Only then the payment can be processed.

The first amortization takes place within 8 weeks after signature and then every year mid-May. If you do not agree with a charge may be requested to refund to your bank within eight weeks.

Become a FRIEND
Become a FRIEND
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