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Seeking Unicorns

Chiara Bersani | IT

For her impressive performance Seeking Unicorns the Italian Chiara Bersani [1984] presents herself as the mythical creature from the title. The unicorn developed from a pagan figure to a papal symbol, guardian of youthful chastity and contemporary pop-icon. Some of the questions Chiara raises: “Why do I exist?”, “Where do I come from?” and “If you found me in your garden tomorrow, what would you do?” In her work Bersani, who suffers from a mild form of brittle bone disease, seeks out the political meaning the body can take on. In Seeking Unicorns she offers us a fresh perspective: our ideas on dance, beauty, and eroticism are implicit in our own gaze – not in her body. Bersani: “You are not the one who interprets me, I will show you the way to understand me.”

Aftertalk on Friday, 9 August at 5:45 pm, following the performance at 5 pm. In English.

Concept en performance: Chiara Bersani
Sound: Fra De Isabella Light

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