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Voorbij de grenzen van de ernst


For forty years Kamagurka – aka Luc Zeebroek [1956] – has been commenting on human failings in his absurdist cartoons, drawings and stories. Not only is he the author of the unflappable Bert Vanderslagmulders and his little dog Bobje, he is also the screenwriter for Cowboy Henk, the absolutely bonkers cartoon drawn by his West-Flemish soulmate Herr Seele.

In Voorbij de grenzen van de ernst Kamagurka reads and performs from his work, new and existing. Three things all the excerpts have in common: absurdism, razorsharp humour and slapstick. Kama’s first order of the evening is some real interaction with his audience: improvisation! Is Kamagurka still alive and kicking? You bet he is. Even though he sobbed “It is spleen, plain and clean, that is making me unseen”, three decades ago, he is still kicking asses, three pallets of Kleenex down the road.

The show ties in with the Kamagurka retrospective at the Noordbrabants Museum that runs from 28 July – 28 October 2018.


concept and performance: Kamagurka

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