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De Warme Winkel/ Nederlands Kamerkoor

7 t/m 9 August 2018

Very few have managed to tip the balance between violence, art and sex with such force as the Italian composer Carlo Gesualdo [1566-1613]. An intellectual who wrote extraordinarily beautiful music. But who also had a forest felled because the rustling of the leaves disturbed him, drank menses to subside his bouts of depression, and tortured animals. On 16 October 1590, Gesualdo caught his wife cheating on him. And now look at them lying there, the two lovebirds, brutally murdered: Maria and her lover, Duke Fabrizio. Gesualdo went on to be accused of further homicides and abuse.

For theatre company De Warme Winkel and the Nederlands Kamerkoor prince Gesualdo – he was a member of the Neapolitan aristocracy – is a sinister treasure trove. His killing his darlings attracts and repels. A confusion for the ages, as this unique music theatre show proves, while leering at the Marquis de Sade, O.J. Simpson, IS, North-Korea and Trump. Gesualdo is a fascinating encounter between a cruel biography and the poetic beauty of the worldly madrigal.

concept | performance:  Florian Myjer, Vincent Rietveld, Mara van Vlijmen, Ward Weemhoff, Marieke de Zwaan
vocals | performance: Nederlands Kamerkoor
idea: Tido Visser, De Warme Winkel
coproduction: Holland Festival, deSingel Antwerpen

For full credits visit the website from De Warme Winkel

De Warme Winkel / Nederlands Kamerkoor is present on the 8th of August at Talk of the Town.

This performance can be booked in combination with Espen Hjort | Theater Utrecht – Goat Song for Thursday 9 August. Select one of these two performances and the combiticket option is offered.

  • Entrance price Rang 1 € 25, rang 2 € 22
  • Friend price Rang 1 € 22,50, rang 2 € 20
  • Genre Musical theater
  • Running time 120 min.
  • Location Theater aan de Parade
  • Accessibility Induction loops/infra red system available, Guide dog allowed, Wheelchair accessible
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