5 t/m 6 August 2017

A dance floor. A street party. Cumbia playing on the back. Three people dive into dancing. The proposal of this work is to create a physical language both risky and dynamic, through contemporary dance, acrobatics and the mechanics of contact; the constantly hazardous challenge of seeking said contact between the bodies without shadowing the clear intent of the character's motivations.


Performers: Candelaria Antelo/Anuska Alonso, Maximiliano Sanford, Lucio Baglivo.

Choreography: Lucio Baglivo with the support of  Candelaria Antelo, Maximiliano Sanford.

Costume Design: Lucio Baglivo.

Music: Electrónic Cumbia Mashup

Colaboration: Soledad Oviedo.

Photography: Bárbara Crosetti.

Original Concept: Lucio Baglivo.

Director: Lucio Baglivo.


Lucio Baglivo is supported by Robert WIlson.

This piece of work was crafted in the Temporary Residences awarded to the project by the CDC (Centro Danza Canal) in Madrid, and the CNDE (National Dance Company of Spain)

  • Entrance price Free
  • Genre Dance
  • Running time 15 min.
  • Type Street Theatre
  • Accessibility Language no problem, Hearing impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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