6 t/m 13 August 2017

In Autocue, Anne Maike Mertens and Stephanie Louwrier study the strength of the spoken word, the power of speech(ing), the ability to control an audience. Is it the words that speak? Or is it the tone, the speaker’s bearing and facial expression? Why do we instantly believe one speaker, while we remain suspicious of another? A funny, incisive and disturbing solo by Stephanie Louwrier.

play and concept: Stephanie Louwrier
director and concept: Anne Maike Mertens

  • Entrance price € 7
  • Genre Theatre
  • Running time 25 min.
  • Type Side Show Tents
  • Attainability At the festival square
  • Location Festivalplein/ Tentje
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    Catering available
  • Accessibility Visual impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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