11 t/m 12 August 2017

Location Muzerije

Two women in relation to a specific, limited and constructed space.

A limitation of the space created by a tridimensional structure that reproduces the form of a tent; the skeleton of it.

As it has no walls it is like a house without roof. A contradiction.

A new relation between their bodies arises; in contact and contrast with the contradiction and the hardness of the metal structure.

Being; waiting; pulling; bumping; holding: the three of them being together or not.  


Maker and performer: Clara Cortés Soler and Martina Gunkel

Music composer: Julian Vogel

Credits: Fremdkörper, Pia Meuthen (coaching) 

  • Entrance price € 10
  • Friend price € 9
  • Genre Dance, Circus
  • Running time 20 min.
  • Type Student Productions
  • Attainability Walking distance
  • Location Muzerije
  • Age 6+
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    Catering available
  • Accessibility Language no problem, Hearing impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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