3 t/m 4 August 2017

This solo is the second act of the triptych. It questions the same ideas fond to the choreographer: the construction of an identity through a territory. In this creation, Tony Thich dives into the genesis of its practice. He shares his doubts and his convictions, his runups and his intimate reserves. He evolves in a scenographic space of multiple dimensions. This scenography, which reminds us the urban materials (plexiglas and metal), offers not only a ground of expression to the vertiginous movements of the interpreter, but it also reveals the stakes which he crosses. He envies his initial partition and does it again, taken by the music of Vivaldi, a version quite in delicacy and in energy of the presto passage of the Summer of The Four Seasons by Il Giardino Armonico. The various resumptions, remind us the demands of this practice that allies a mental preparation to the major work of repetition. This solo partition, such as he experiences it, is an evocation of the myth of Icare. He challenges the gravity, nevertheless, each of his breakaways returns him to the ground and to this weight that attaches him to the earth. All his ripped gestures, his suspended questions, call no answer and they simply strengthen the intensity of the shared moment. He expresses much more that he means.

Conception choreography: Yann Lheureux
Performer Art of displacement: Tony Thich
Yamakasi coarch: Williams Belle
Sound creation: Yann Lheureux
Scenography: Emmanuelle Debeusscher
Image: Anthony Passant
  • Entrance price Free
  • Genre Theatre, Dance
  • Running time 35 min.
  • Type Street Theatre
  • Accessibility Language no problem, Hearing impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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