13 August 2017

The audiences watches two intriguing films. Sisters is a film about two girls in a ramshackle villa of lost elegance. Nightwatch is a portrait of a night watchman in a big city, who appears to be observing the two girls from his position. The two worlds never merge, yet the way the films are projected – simultaneously and dialogically – suggests there is a connection. Like in an abstract thriller, the suspense continues to rise.
Nightwatch is a joint project by Dimitri Verhulst [Aalst, 1972], famed author of novels such as The Misfortunates, the three-man band Too Noisy Fish – with members of the Flat Earth Society big band – and video artists Trisha De Cuyper and Jan Lapeire. The text, presented live by Dimitri Verhulst, is neither narrative nor interpretation. It is first and foremost an expression of the stumble-and-fall that is the human journey: halting, indecisive, yearning; attempting forever to connect, yet always relying on ourselves. Too Noisy Fish provide a sultry atmosphere with their soundtrack made up of film scores, jazz, improvisation and contemporary compositions.

text & spoken word: Dimitri Verhulst
featuring: Peter Vandenberghe [compositions, piano and keyboards], Kristof Roseeuw [double bass], Teun Verbruggen [drums and percussion]
video by: Trisha De Cuyper, Jan Lapeire

  • Entrance price € 15
  • Friend price € 13,50
  • Genre Musical theater
  • Running time 70 min.
  • Attainability At the festival square
  • Location Festivalplein/ BLVRD Theater
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    Catering available
  • Accessibility Induction loops/infra red system available, Visual impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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