9 t/m 13 August 2017

Everything is energy, according to hip hop dancer and choreographer Shailesh Bahoran [Nickerie, 1983]. His fascination with combustion – from matches to the electric impulses that trigger all of his 640 muscles – is featured in this dance solo, Ignite. 

Shailesh has worked with companies such as Het Nationale Ballet and Don’t Hit Mama. Now he is part of ISH. His fabulous technique, originality and power of expression guarantee his audience will have a great time. Ignite is a show that puts a spark in a barrel of gun powder.

performed by: Shailesh Bahoran, Roche Apinsa, Virgil Dey, Remses Rafaela, Wesley Rommy, Eddy Vidal, Tyrone Menig (understudy)

  • Entrance price € 8
  • Genre Dance
  • Running time 30 min.
  • Type Side Show Tents
  • Attainability At the festival square
  • Location Festivalplein/ Tentje
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    Catering available
  • Accessibility Language no problem, Hearing impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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