12 t/m 13 August 2017

About fifteen minutes into this show you will start to shift uncomfortably in your seat. Because the language sounds like some forgotten dialect from Nagorno-Karabach; the movements look like a 3D-cryptogram. Until, the show suddenly takes a magnificent turn. Are we not drawn onward to new erA is a palindrome. Because while some believe in progress, others believe in its opposite. Some say the world is going to the dogs. Others call them doomsayers. Are we not drawn onward to new erA is more than just a sentence that reads backwards; it is also a moving, intricate mix of theatre, music, visual art and politics. Inspiration came from the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard: “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” The inevitable question when time comes to a tipping point: are our actions irreversible, or can they be undone?

Combiticket on Sunday the 13th of August: Zeventien by Eva Line de Boer/ Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Are we not drawn onward to a new erA by Ontroerend Goed. Together for € 28,- / € 26,- Friends.

On Sunday the 13th of August as a guest to the Openluchtgesprek at 15:30.

There are free shuttle busses available from the festivalsquare to the location of the show. These busses leave half an hour before the show starts. 

directed by: Alexander Devriendt
play: Angelo Tijssens, Charlotte de Bruyne, Jonas Vermeulen, Karolien de Bleser, Maria Dafneros, Vincent Dunoyer
muziek: Spectra Ensemble
a coproduction with Spectra Ensemble, De Vooruit Gent, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Adelaide Festival, Richard Jordan Productions

  • Entrance price € 19
  • Premiere
  • Friend price € 17
  • Genre Theatre, Musical theater
  • Running time 70 min.
  • Attainability Shuttle bus and walking distance
  • Location Verkadefabriek/ Grote Zaal
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    Catering available
  • Accessibility Induction loops/infra red system available, Wheelchair accessible
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