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Michael Wilmering/ Ahmed Joudeh/ Kanako Inoue/ Peter Leung

A Syrian and a Colombian. Each rooted in his own history, a stranger upon arrival at Schiphol. Time to ask a question that will disturb the peace: aren’t we all strangers in our own country? Where do we belong? What is our destination now that borders seem to define who we are?
In the music theatre/dance performance De zoektocht (The Search), baritone Michael Wilmering [Colombia, 1988] and dancer Ahmed Joudeh [Syria, 1990] dissolve cultural boundaries.
Ahmad grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus. During the war he gave dance lessons to children. In October 2016 he was able to flee to the Netherlands, with the support of the Dutch National Ballet, after the documentary Dance or Die had placed him in the spotlight.
Michael Wilmering and pianist Javier Rameix won the Junior and Press awards in the category 'Lied Duo' at the 2014 International Vocal Competition.

vocals: Michael Wilmering
dance: Ahmad Joudeh
piano: Kanako Inoue
choreography: Peter Leung
presentation in collaboration with Internationaal Vocalisten Concours

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