4 t/m 5 August 2017

He watched her drown. They were watching a bird together. He never felt more connected  than when their eyes locked onto that same image and their thoughts merged. Then she fell into the river. No, he didn’t jump in after her. He didn’t have a swimming diploma. He didn’t have the courage.
De Helden (The heroes) is a monologue and a composition for voices, a music robot, and some old-fashioned tape recorders. About heroics, about a girl, and about guilt that will not dry.
Josse De Pauw [Asse, 1952] wrote De Helden upon the notes historian Sophie De Schaepdrijver whispered in his ear. She has studied heroes, who are often ordinary mortals prepared to do the dirty work.
In addition to this first instalment of De Pauw’s ‘trilogy/triphony’, Boulevard is also presenting part 2 – cf. right page. These are stand-alone plays that can be enjoyed independently.

There are free shuttle busses available from the festivalsquare to the location of the show. These busses leave half an hour before the show starts. 

written, directed & performed by: Josse De Pauw
composition & installation by: Dominique Pauwels
music by: Spectra Ensemble

a coproduction with Le Manège Maubeuge, La Rose des Vents Villeneuve d’Ascq and Théâtre de Namur

  • Entrance price € 17
  • Premiere
  • Friend price € 15
  • Genre Theatre, Musical theater
  • Running time 75 min.
  • Attainability Shuttle bus and walking distance
  • Location Verkadefabriek/ Grote Zaal
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    Catering available
  • Accessibility Induction loops/infra red system available, Visual impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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