7 t/m 8 August 2017

We embrace the void to avoid the emptiness. Julian Hetzel [Baden-Württemberg, 1981] cannot get enough of this paradox. His performance I’m Not Here Says The Void deals with 21st-century boredom, loneliness and fear of touch. Among talking curtains [sic], a sensitive sofa that responds to tip-touch and dancing foil two performers create a dark, confusing universe. Theatre, dance, visual art and electronic minimal music are our guides.
With his visual work Julian Hetzel is conquering festivals across Europe. Not for the faint-hearted: I’m Not Here Says The Void asks visitors to recognise that reality is only a fabrication by the observer.

directed by: Julian Hetzel
choreographed by: Michele Rizzo
performed by: Claudio Rietvelt, Julian Hetzel
under curatorship of Proud Flesh
a coproduction with Spring festival, Spielart Festival Munich, Theater der Welt Mannheim and Brut Wien

  • Entrance price € 14
  • Friend price € 12,50
  • Genre Dance
  • Running time 60 min.
  • Attainability Walking distance
  • Location Josephkwartier
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    Catering available
  • Accessibility Language no problem, Hearing impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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