12 t/m 13 August 2017

Dance performance Idiot-Syncrasy was a revelation at Boulevard 2016. Minimal modern dance, maximum dedication and honesty. In the sequel, A Room For All Our Tomorrows, Igor Urzelai [San Sebastian, 1983] and Moreno Solinas [Sardinia, 1987] explore those moments in daily life when harmony lets us down ruthlessly – say between a coffee break and dancing. What we are left with is a desire to scream and the hope that better days will come. “A work of considerable subtlety and intelligence with a strong emotional heart”, The Reviews Hub wrote, awarding A Room For All Our Tomorrows four stars. The show was also nominated for the British Dance Edition 2016. May this London-based duo find a spacious room.

Choreographed & danced by: Igor & Moreno

  • Entrance price € 17
  • Premiere
  • Friend price € 15
  • Genre Dance
  • Running time 60 min.
  • Attainability Walking distance
  • Location Josephkwartier
  • Facilities Toilet facilities available
    Catering available
  • Accessibility Language no problem, Wheelchair accessible
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