4 t/m 13 August 2017

How? What? Why? In a world that’s in danger of collapsing under the weight of all the exclamation marks, Boulevard is offering daily asylum to the question marks. They can be found, for instance, in the freely accessible Out in the Open-talks. In these daily conversations theatre maker Emke Idema gives the question mark free rein, in a search to find the connections between the festival and the city. How does an urban ecologist see Nachtschade, a theatrical ode to the aubergine? And why do the members of Wunderbaum read David Foster Wallace (Superleuk) books over and over again? Listen in, join in the conversation and help us find unsuspected festival context.


fri 4 aug

Eliza Steinbock, assistent, professor at the University of Leiden, about (trans)gender and representation for HIMHERANDIT | Woman

sat 5 aug
Jools van Rossum, member of the Bossche children's parliament, about her experiences with politics as a child, for THEATER ARTEMIS | Voorstelling waarin hopelijk niets gebeurt  
sun 6 aug
Cor Haest - IVN-Natureguide and coordinator of the workgroups Landscape management and Communication of IVN 's-Hertogenbosch - about invasive exotics in flora and fauna, for MUZIEKTHEATER TRANSPARANT | CLARON MCFADDEN | Nachtschade: Aubergine
mon 7 aug
Merijn van Tol, culinary journalist for Nadia & Merijn and writer of the cookbooks Arabia, Bismilla Arabia and Arabia bij je thuis, about the preservation of diversity versus the meltingpot of cultures in dishes, for OMAR RAJEH | Beytna
tue 8 aug
Eugène Sutorius, master of laws specialised in euthanasia, about his job and the acceptance of death, for WILD VLEES | Beeldenstorm
wed 9 aug
Divya Bhatia, festivalcurator from India, about the political dimension in theatre in India, for FASO DANSE THEATRE | SERGE AIMÉ COULIBALY | Kalakuta Republik
thu 10 aug
Jeroen Haverkorn van Rijsewijk, consultant at Aberkyn, about the value and integration of spiritual knowledge at the top of big companies, for HOTSHOP - COOLER DAN DE WARME WINKEL | Indiaan
fri 11 aug
WUNDERBAUM | Superleuk, maar voortaan zonder mij
Guest speaker is to be announced later
sat 12 aug
Thijmen Verburgh, cybercrime researcher at TNO about the ins and out of cybercriminality and the search for this on the dark web, for FABRICE MURGIA | Black Clouds
sun 13 aug
Madeleen Helmer, projectleader climate adaption at Klimaatverbond Nederland, about the take on and adaption of climate change, for ONTROEREND GOED | SPECTRA ENSEMBLE | Are we not drawn onwards to new erA
  • Entrance price Free
  • Genre Meeting
  • Running time 60 min.
  • Accessibility Visual impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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