9 t/m 12 August 2017

Location Coudewater

The website offers 51 ‘native American’ outfits. From a three-piece Blackfoot costume to a Squaw Eagle outfit and a sexy Cherokee dress. Yes, we were all wounded – even those of us who never went to Wounded Knee. But we can be healed by visiting Indiaan. In this theatrical ode to tribal living, a group of performers from De Hotshop, all in their twenties, retreat to a small patch of nature and try to find meaning. In rhythms and smoke signals, in tree bark and Creation narratives. They scan their conscience and their most passionate desires. A tribe is born thanks to De Hotshop, the cool branch of De Warme Winkel, playing Indians and putting up top performances.
For those who feel prompted to post glowing reports on Twitter, the following hashtags will help: #ayawaska #zonderviezebijsmaak #poca #dakotapeplijntje #riverdeepmountainhigh4real #bizonkit #kevin #costner.

There are free shuttle busses available from the festivalsquare to the location of the show. These busses leave half an hour before the show starts. 

Combiticket on Thursday the 10th of August: Hallo dampkring by Theater Artemis/ Liesbet Swings and Indiaan by De Hotshop cooler dan De Warme Winkel. Together for € 29,- / € 27,- Friends.

On Saturday the 12th of August a guest in Tafelen met makers at 17:30.

On Thursday the 10th of August as a guest to the Openluchtgesprek at 15:30.

idea Vincent Brons & Anneke Sluiters

performed by Vincent Brons, Anne Fé de Boer, Joke Emmers, Tarik Moree (stage), Len Pillen (stage)

directed by Mara van Vlijmen

trajectory supervisor Vincent Rietveld
lights Prem Scholte Albers

dramaturgy assistent Lena Meijer (stage)

production coordination Carry Hendriks 

production Yvonne Guis

technical coordination H.P. Hulscher 
technics Manuel Boutreur
business supervisor Silvie Dees 

marketing & publicity Sanne van de Kraats

planning & sales Marloes Marinussen
office management Thomas Vandewalle 
special thanks to Sebastiaan Smink

  • Entrance price € 17
  • Friend price € 15
  • Genre Theatre
  • Running time 75 min.
  • Location Coudewater
  • Accessibility Hearing impairment, Wheelchair accessible
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