7 till 8 August 2021

À 2 mètres


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Did you ever want to help the other so much that you lost yourself in it? Squeezed yourself in impossible ways for someone? How can you guard your boundaries and balance between what is right for you and necessary for the other? A 2 mètres is a story about two acrobats, a Chinese pole and the invisible third who is everywhere and is absent. The infinite absence that forms grows and weighs us down, that seems to exist of air and brings us out of balance.

Location Zuiderpark/Parkpodium
Running time 40 min.
Genre Circus
Ticket price € 0
Ticket price 'Vriend' € 0
Accessibility deaf and hearing impaired, wheelchair users, Gratis toegang
Language NL
Sat 07 Aug various times
Sun 08 Aug various times


artists and makers Jesse Huygh en Rocio Garrote
dramaturgy help and light technic Alba Sarraute
external eye Aurelia Brailowsky en Sergi Pares
light design Nicolas Priouzeau


photograpy Patrick Lemineur (Inside), Boris Aguirre (Outside) 
music Felix Fivaz 
composition, recording, mix & mastering Jonas Brülhart

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