14 till 17 August 2021

De Passant (6+)

Laika/ Michai Geyzen | NL

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Some people feel at home everywhere, others spend their whole lives looking for a home, wandering from here to there, dying to find a place to stay and then finally coming home. But what is the meaning of ‘home’? De Passant is an energetic and visual dance & theatre performance, around this question. Something that is on the mind of theatre maker Michai Geyzen a lot. So far, he has moved about 24 times. His parents divorced when he was very young; in turn he lived with his father and his mother, which made him feel more like a visitor than a resident. A passerby who came and went. De Passant is a wordless plea to open your home to another human being – as an extension of yourself. Create a home that screams "welcome."

Location Zuiderpark/BLVRD Theater
Running time 50 min.
Genre Theatre, musical theatre
Ticket price € 9, kind € 5
Accessibility wheelchair users, Ringleiding
Sat 14 Aug at 14:30
Sun 15 Aug at 14:30
Tue 17 Aug at 14:30

"Director Michai Geyzen gives the four characters in this wordless performance a cosy bromance, but also mercilessly lets them 'vote someone out' of the house. Or how can you explain the asylum problem to children - by re-enacting Big Brother." 

-De Standaard (Filip Tielens and Wouter Hillaert)

"A mixture of slapstick, dancey acrobatics and lanky playfulness ... a fine piece of visual theatre. " 

-The League (Tuur Devens)


conceived and directed by Michai Geyzen   
performed by Pieter-Jan De Wyngaert, Patrick Vervueren, Javi Ojeda, Elias Vandenbroucke   
music Ephraïm Cielen   
costumes Vick Verachtert 

set design Stef Stessel   
light Pieter Smet   
dramaturgy Mieke Versyp   
technician Thomas Stevens

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